washing men’s socks – Washing Woman Made in Roath, performance and installation, October 2014. Collaboration with Avi Allen.

bedydd/baptism video 5’49” Capel y Graig September 2014.

crysau cariadon/lovers’ shirts collaboration with Vicki Smith and Louise Bird. Film and performance April - August 2014 for Colony 14 Cardigan

washing line, installation and video Cefn Coed Colliery Museum June- July 2014. Re installation of Ganwyd yn y Rhath and first washing video made in 2007.

y filltir sgwâr, sketchbooks Rhôd May 2014 collaboration with Sam Vicary, Gemma Green Hope and George Manson. Drawn in and by the square mile.

ganwyd yn y Rhath, installation, Rhôd in Roath, Made in Roath October 2013

crys y mab, collaboration with Hilary Ramsden. Performance August – September 2013, Colony 13 Aberteifi.

sketchbook October – December 2012 sketchbook documentation of West Wales hospital experience of heart attack, Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn USA

Lavender Lady film 1hr 26’ April 2012- July 2013, collaboration with Siobhan McGovern, community project in conjunction with Newport Memorial Hall and Merched y Wawr Trefdraeth – a patchwork of women’s history in Newport Pembs.

llyfr Eisteddfod book, handmade book, August 2012 for Fan Hyn, Lle Celf, Eisteddfod Cenedlaethol, Sir Morgannwg.

solo residency at The Tannery, Machynllethinstallation, April 2012

Exquisite Corpse Rhôd at the Tannery, Machynlleth installation Feb 2012 participant in research project.

vending machine, object, work made from menyw and Homage to Rafael Lozano Hemmer Vending Machine, Eclipse Swansea – Venice Sept 2011

wormhole journey, Video 5’51” June 2011 a collaboration with Louise Bird made specifically for the exhibition ‘Of Landscape’ at Picton Castle.

taith gwylio adar, Video 25’04”, May 2011 made specifically for the exhibition ‘Adar’

menyw, watercolour 59cm by 21cm (folded) May 2011 and performance June 2011. Site responsive piece to a restaurant in Venice, linking Welsh and Venetian feminist poets from the fifteenth and sixteenth century and giving a feminist slant to the menu reinterpreted.

dod nôl a llyfr taith 2011 a final daffodil walk to bring a book back from the library 2 ½ miles away to the adjacent library at Trinity now available for the Jobs Well students

from here to there, video 12’ 23” January 2011. Newport Pembs to Bristol. A long journey on foot, bus and train carrying a television set to show itself in itself for an exhibition in Bristol

o Drefdraeth i Dregroes, video 4’ 26” 2010 A relatively short journey made very long by public transport. In order travel freely the cat has to come along as well.

homage to Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Installation and Video 2’ 41” 2010 63 Biodegradable paper balls placed in the river with messages from spectators to float down the tributary River Bargod to the river Teifi in Cardigan to remember the rejected piece Turbulence by Rafael Lozano Hemmer in the river Teifi in Cardigan.

plus two, Power point presentation 43”, 2010 Sheffield. Dog meets dog on a five mile walk.

moving table, video 17’05”, Newport Pembrokeshire 2010. Single handedly moving a large table in the snow up the road from one studio to another.

Cemaes, Video 2009. Two boys embark on an unknown walk.

North Pembrokeshire to South Yorkshire to North Somerset by bus 2009, a four day bus journey drawn on 8 rolls of paper

rant, 5’ 47” video 2009 Sheffield. An expression of my anger about anything and everything.

what does a feminist look like? Video and hand made book 2008-9 Sheffield. Qualitative research of 12 women artists and 3 male scientists for MA.

come in fideo 1’ 25” 2008 Sheffield. Inviting strangers into gallery exhibition.

drawing journeys. Various sketch books 2008 Wales. Taking groups on bus journeys and walks.

celf ar y traeth. Video 2008 Wales. Breton twinning group making flowers etc from washed up objects on the beach, resulting in video with stills and songs made/performed by the Welsh and Bretons.

plus one. Power point presentation 1’ 58”, 2008 Sheffield. Loneliness and meeting strangers on a walk.

the wash. Video 1’ 52” 2007-8 Sheffield. Washing linen in the river Sheaf.

Cranogwen. Video 6’ 17”, sketch books, interviews and flower planting 2007 Llangrannog Wales. Celebrating the life of an innovative
woman of the nineteenth century in Llangrannog Ceredigion, derived by interviewing women chapel members through the medium of Welsh, sketching and planting a line of marigolds, with other women, from her grave to the chapel (community centre). It was part of the Gwrando project.

daffodil walk, flower planting, performances 2006-7. A 2½ mile walk across bog and dual carriageway between the art college and its library to show students the way.

work, paintings/drawings shown

The Gallery, Newport Pembs current
Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth May-June 2015
Brand Exchange, Welsh Week, London March 2015
The Gate Arts Centre, Women’s Art Association, Cardiff March 2015
Made in Roath, October, Cardiff 2014
Colony 14, August 2014
Underground, Cefn Coed Colliery Museum June 2014
Rhôd, Drefelin Carmarthenshire May 2014
Made in Roath Cardiff, October 2013
Colony August 2013
Lavender Lady film Newport Pembs 2013
Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn USA 2013
Fan Hyn, National Eisteddfod of Wales August 2012
The Box, Aberystwyth Arts Centre April – July 2012
Residency, The Tannery, Machynlleth April 2012
Exquiste Corpse, The Tannery, Machynlleth, February 2012
Of Landscape, Picton Castle, Haverfordwest June 2011
Rhodio, Venice May 2011
Adar, Capel y Graig, Furnace, Ceredigion, Mai 2011
Window 204, Bristol January 2011
Rhôd, Drefelin, Carmarthenshire May 2010
Artat Rhosygilwen Pembs June 2008-10
St Dogmael’s Gallery Pembs 2007–10
Lines and Strata, Oriel Mwldan 2006 and 2010
Newport Collective, Pembs 1995 - 2010
Drawn In, Sidcot Arts Centre, Somerset October 2009
Oriel Q Drawing Competition 2008
Cardigan Open Studios Pembs 2000-8
Newport Boat Club 1995 and 2000-7 (solo exhibitions)
Signature Gallery Swansea September - October 2004 (solo exhibition)
Exposure Gallery Swansea 2004
Welsh Artist of the Year exhibition, St David’s Centre, Cardiff 2003
Oriel Emrys, Haverfordwest 2003 (solo exhibition)
Tavistock Centre London January 2003 (solo exhibition)
Glan y Mor Gallery, Fishguard Pembs 2002 (solo exhibition)
Schull Sailing Centre, Ireland August 2000 & 2002 (solo exhibitions)
Fishguard Library 1999 & 2001 (solo and joint exhibition)
Sails and Waves, Schull Ireland July 1992 (joint exhibition)
Allied Irish Bank, Cork Ireland November 1991 (solo exhibition)


Rhôd Artists’ Group Committee
Women Abstract Painters (South West Wales)
Women’s Art Association (Wales)
Fishguard Arts Society
Women’s Archive of Wales
Newport Collective, Pembs (1995 – 2010)


PGCE Coleg Ceredigion, Aberystwyth 2012
MA Contemporary Fine Art 2009 Sheffield Hallam University.
BA Fine Art Painting 2007 West Wales School of the Arts.
Access to Art and Design 1998 West Wales School of the Arts.
Learnt Welsh from 1979 onwards
BA Philosophy major, Sociology minor 1970 University of East Anglia.

previous career

I worked as a Social Worker in London, Cork and Pembrokeshire between 1971 and 1999.


I was born in London in 1949, moved to Wales 1978, moved to Ireland 1985 and returned to Wales in 1992.