daffodil walk

The Daffodil walks went from 2006 to 2011. I started walking the 2 ½ miles to the college library from the art college, where I was studying, when the shuttle bus was cancelled. This walk became my work as I drew my way, then later planted daffodils every 20 paces so students could find their way to their library through a bog and over dual carriageways. It was also a form of protest against the library being so inaccessible. I made videos of my walking. A film was made as I walked on St David’s Day reading I wandered lonely as a cloud and invited translations to Welsh from anyone I met. I walked the walk the following week on International Women’s Day giving daffodils and a copy of Welsh translation of Wordsworth’s poem to all the women I met, wishing them a happy International Women’s Day. The piece was presented as my final piece for my BA with an interactive book for children of the walk. I made bilingual badges ‘bring back the library’ and leaflets with a map and instructions on how to follow the daffodils to find the library. I revisited the walk in 2010 to find the daffodils and then rewalked the walk with two current students in 2011, by which time the art college students had been allowed access to the neighbouring library at Trinity St David, bringing a book from the inaccessible library at Pibwrlwyd to Trinity, read the poem I wandered lonely as a cloud in Welsh. The book was art terms in Welsh.

The work was about women’s access to education and  walking such a difficult way to a library was a metaphor for women’s challenging journeys through life and the determination they have to perservere and was the subject of my dissertation.