to Capel Dewi 2009

A collaboration with Louise Bird made site specifically for the exhibition ‘Of Landscape’ at Picton Castle July 2011.

Sublime and romantic notions of rural landscape are challenged in this journey, which is a visual metaphor for the changing relationship between the countryside and the traveller. The viewer is left to interpret the deliberate intervention to the environment.

This work was made specifically for the exhibition Adar (birds) at Capel y Graig. The piece is about bird watching, or bird watchers and the necessary  traveling, inspired by Ludwig Koch. Knowing very little about birds or bird watching, she imagines and sets out on a journey of discovery.

Ludwig Koch  made the first bird sound recording of an Indian Shama bird in 1889 when he was only 8, using a phonograph. When he later started recording bird sounds from 1929 he had to transport “van loads of equipment” to make his sound recordings and were possibly sent ahead by train. His field recording equipment was huge, numerous units all held together in a very sturdy case and very very heavy; comprising a disc cutter, a play back pick up arm and head, a control panel with headphones and various switches to operate the equipment; all in the main wooden box; a second wooden box contains the power unit; an amplifier unit which the headphones and microphone plug into, and a loud speaker; another wooden box for the cables; and a tangle of wires connecting everything together. The equipment is currently in a store room at the Science Museum.

May 2011

North Pembrokeshire to South Yorkshire to North Somerset by bus 2009. A four day journey drawn.

On my 60th birthday I travelled, drawing continuously, from Newport Pembs to Sheffield to Berkhamsted to Bristol to Sidcot Art Centre by bus with friends and family joining me for stretches. The journey ended on Big Draw Day at the exhibition Drawn In at Sidcot Arts Centre in North Somerset where I placed the drawing piece which consisted of 8 1/2 rolls of paper and hung in the space left for me.

This piece from here to there in Bristol is a culmination of other moving pieces I have made. Starting first with walks I used to do which began by walking to paint. I then found other ways to record the walk, for example by drawing,  performance and planting flowers. The latter were documented using photography, some short videos and even a film was made of a performative walk. I suppose it was coming from documenting through video that led to making video the work.  I went on to video two boys on a walk: Cemaes Head 2009, a walking journey moving a large table: moving table 2010 and then a walking and bus journey with a dog and cat: o Drefdraeth i Dregroes 2010. In 2009 I recorded a long journey on my 60th birthday by drawing on buses: from North Pembs to South Yorkshire to North Somerset.

from here to there was made in December 2010, my journey from home,  bringing by public transport the television set needed to show the piece, at Artspace Windows 204 Gloucester Road, Bristol.

January 2011

moving table 2010. Single handedly moving a large table in the snow up the road from one studio to another.