improvisation, pastel on paper 2009 sold

improvisation, crayon and collage on paper 84x59cm, 2010

Newport Collective, acrylic on paper, 89x59cm 2010

Breton twinning, acrylic and sand paper, 84x118cm 2005

y gegin, acrylic on paper, 268x158cm, 2005

the studio, acrylic on paper, 59x84cm 2008 sold

haymaking, acrylic and watercolour on paper, 2007 sold

Pauline’s garden, acrylic on paper, 2008 sold

outside the studio, acrylic, oil bar and graphite on paper, 59x84cm 2009

Leamington Spa, acrylic on canvas, 2008 sold

untitled acrylic on canvas 2008 sold

usa, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 59x84cm 2010

journey to Capel Dewi, oil bar and graphite, 59x84cm 2010

to Abertawe, acrylic, charcoal and graphite 59x84cm 2010

journeys, acrylic, oil bar, charcoal and graphite, 59x84cm 2010

untitled, acrylic on paper, 59x84cm, 2010

the studio, acrylic on paper, 59x84cm, 2005 sold