The piece rant follows a slightly different journey coming out of the time I was in Sheffield doing my MA where I became increasingly frustrated with the changes made to the course. I complained and some improvements were made for the future, but this made no difference to me. I am a part of the grumpy old women brigade, of a generation of  student, social, feminist and pacifist protest. I am angry about so many things from  social injustice to trains being late. And not being allowed to be angry as a child.

I don’t understand what liminal means

I tend to take things literally

I see the space

The space between our studio and the college


The space of the road

The space of time spent between the two

In the road

A road with dangerous crossings

Between different worlds

Affluence and poverty


Sits uncomfortably

In the wet


Cold and hot

Dark and light

Work and education

Art and business

Penny Jones 2008

The come in pieces were shown in Sheffield in 2008 as part of an interim MA show in a new University Gallery (part of the changes made) that no one knew was there or how to find it in the building. Simple, I invite and encourage people into the exhibition. The exhibition was called Liminal and my work occupied that physical in between space.  Part of my work is the gallery sign in the window.

washing and ironing 2007 The End Gallery Sheffield                                                                 

International Women’s Day 2007 Carmarthen